What makes Hotel Wi-Fi good in the eyes of your Guests – Frame of Reference

In the digital age, a reliable Wi-Fi connection has become an essential amenity for hotel guests. However, understanding what guests truly expect from hotel Wi-Fi requires a deeper examination of
their frame of reference.

In Australia, the advent of the National Broadband Network (NBN) has drastically altered people’s expectations regarding internet speed and reliability. Before the NBN, most households were content with speeds around 10Mbps. However, with the NBN rollout, Australians now commonly experience speeds ranging from 50 to 100Mbps in their homes and offices. This shift has recalibrated the standard for internet performance.

When guests check into a hotel, they bring with them their experiences from home and work environments. They expect their hotel experience to surpass what they have access to in their daily lives.

After all, hotels offer amenities like Room Service, Concierge Services and Jacuzzis, which are not typically available at home. Therefore, guests anticipate a superior experience in all aspects, including Wi-Fi.

Given this context, hoteliers must recognize that merely meeting the old standard of around 10Mbps may no longer suffice. To truly impress guests and exceed their expectations, hotels must provide Wi-Fi speeds that align with or surpass what guests are accustomed to at home or work.

Furthermore, guests expect hotel Wi-Fi to be not only fast but also reliable and accessible throughout the property. Dead zones or intermittent connectivity can quickly sour the guest experience, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction.

In today’s competitive hospitality landscape, Wi-Fi has become a crucial factor in attracting and retaining guests. Hotels that invest in robust Wi-Fi infrastructure demonstrate their commitment to providing a superior guest experience. This investment pays off in positive reviews, repeat bookings, and enhanced guest satisfaction.

In conclusion, hoteliers must recognize the evolving expectations regarding Wi-Fi and adjust their offerings accordingly. By exceeding guests’ frame of reference and providing fast, reliable internet access, hotels can distinguish themselves and leave a lasting impression on their guests.

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