In most businesses Wi-Fi is the network that brings everything together. It is so much more than just giving your guests and users access to the internet.

Feature Benefit


From Office and Staff networks to TV Networks, Security systems, Point of Sale, Telephones and virtually any device that you use at your business. Everything runs over the internet today and most of these devices need a strong and reliable Wi-Fi system to work. Delion is the expert in commercial Wi-Fi systems.

Prioritising Guest Needs: Delion’s advanced Wi-Fi is tailored to your guests needs. Branded login portals, bandwidth management, Legal compliance, and ongoing direct support for your guests. Delion understands the needs of every market type and can deliver a system tailored to fit your needs.

Flexible Internet Connectivity: Delion is an Internet Service Provider which collaborates with major infrastructure providers offering the optimal internet connection whether it’s the NBN Network, Telstra, Vocus, Swoop, AAPT, Microwave solutions or Satellite Connections. Our wide range of partners means we can find the right solution for you at competitive prices.

State of the Art Design: Good design is so critical in any deployment. Not just to meet your needs of today but to be able to grow with your business. Bad design means a poorly operating system. Whether its location through to selecting the right equipment, Delion understands the success of any system starts with design.

We understand Technology: Delion is an Australian technology and engineering company with its own software that drives most of our systems. Our support centres are located in Australia and are staffed by local engineers that understand your business.

At Delion, we strive for excellence in everything we do. Whether installations or ongoing service. We always want to be better.

Why Choose Delion

Cutting-Edge Connectivity

Delion provides high-speed and seamless integration of Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity no matter where you are, whether it’s at remote areas such as mining camps, regional locations or, bustling city hotels and resorts.

Enhanced Security Solutions

Delion’s CCTV Solutions provide your business with the security and safety systems needed to protect your business whether it be from criminal activities through to public liability issues.

Tailored System Design

Delion is expert in customising design solutions to meet the needs of your business. We understand that different businesses have different needs whether that be related to commercial factors through to the connectivity and various requirements of your users.

Outstanding Support Services

Delion bases it support services in Australia and staffed by local engineers that understand that problems need to be fixed quickly. Our support services extend to talking to your guests directly freeing up your valuable time to run your business.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

At Delion, we offer flexible commercial models, providing the most efficient and economical solutions, tailored for your business.