Regional Hotels and Pubs

Delion has vast experience in dealing with both large and small hotels, stretching from the Grampians in Victoria to King Island in the Bass Strait and even to Thursday Island in Far North Australia.

Feature Benefit

Regional Hotels and Pubs

We understand that hotels and pubs located in remote areas require special needs. At Delion, we offer seamless connectivity and technology solutions tailored to your needs. We provide:

Extensive Reach: Delion covers regional Australia and our level of service is the same whether you are located in a major city or a small outback town.

Customised Solutions: Especially for regional areas where it can take a technician longer to arrive on site, Delion designs systems with a level of built-in redundancy. This means even if an Access Point goes offline, other units can pick up the load to deliver continuous connectivity and service.

Cost-Effective Models: Delion offers flexible commercial models. Many regional sites have their own local electrician and we are ready to work with local contractors or to send our staff to deliver the best outcome.

Turnkey Solution: Delion provides design, supply and installation of our services and once the job is completed we continue to provide managed services. Monitoring and updating equipment and providing direct support to your guests to get connecte

Contact Delion today and embrace the future of technology.

Why Choose Delion

Cutting-Edge Connectivity

Delion provides high-speed and seamless integration of Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity no matter where you are, whether it’s at remote areas such as mining camps, regional locations or, bustling city hotels and resorts.

Enhanced Security Solutions

Delion’s CCTV Solutions provide your business with the security and safety systems needed to protect your business whether it be from criminal activities through to public liability issues.

Tailored System Design

Delion is expert in customising design solutions to meet the needs of your business. We understand that different businesses have different needs whether that be related to commercial factors through to the connectivity and various requirements of your users.

Outstanding Support Services

Delion bases it support services in Australia and staffed by local engineers that understand that problems need to be fixed quickly. Our support services extend to talking to your guests directly freeing up your valuable time to run your business.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

At Delion, we offer flexible commercial models, providing the most efficient and economical solutions, tailored for your business.