The only constant thing in this world is change. The internet landscape in Australia has rapidly changed over the past 7 years, from speeds to bandwidth and from limited data to unlimited.

Feature Benefit


At the same time internet connectivity has become cheaper. We wont sell you what’s best for us. We will recommend the best options for your business. For example aim for shorter contracts rather than long lock-ins. If internet prices continue to fall this delivers you commercial advantages.

Delion is a fully licensed Internet Service Provider: Unlike many companies we are not just a reseller of someone elses internet. This means we determine the quality of now network both for local and international connections. This means when something goes wrong we can quickly identify where the problem is

Multiple Infrastructure Partners: All ISP’s need to work with Infrastructure Providers. These are the companies like the NBN that actually run the Fibre and wires in the ground. Most ISP’s just work with one or two infrastructure providers because its easier. At Delion we work with a range of infrastructure providers because this enables us to pick the best commercial deal for you.

Redundant Design and Backup Networks: Losing the internet hurts every business because everything runs over the internet today. For some businesses internet is so critical that we strongly recommend backup systems and connections. Some ISP’s offer things like 4G as a backup. At Delion we understand this is much more a marketing solution than a solution that will properly protect your business. We can explain why.

Unmatched Customer Support: Our biggest difference to other ISP’s is our support. Most large ISP’s like Telstra, Optus, TPG and others typically offshore their Call Centers to places like the Philippines and India. Quite simply they do this because its cheap. At Delion we decided that customers don’t want to be on hold for an hour. Customers want to speak to someone that can actually diagnose the problem and immediately take steps to fix it. Our Call Center is based in Sydney and is staffed by professional engineers. We strive to answer call within 10 minutes. We understand an internet issue impacts your business and needs to be fixed asap.

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Why Choose Delion

Cutting-Edge Connectivity

Delion provides high-speed and seamless integration of Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity no matter where you are, whether it’s at remote areas such as mining camps, regional locations or, bustling city hotels and resorts.

Enhanced Security Solutions

Delion’s CCTV Solutions provide your business with the security and safety systems needed to protect your business whether it be from criminal activities through to public liability issues.

Tailored System Design

Delion is expert in customising design solutions to meet the needs of your business. We understand that different businesses have different needs whether that be related to commercial factors through to the connectivity and various requirements of your users.

Outstanding Support Services

Delion bases it support services in Australia and staffed by local engineers that understand that problems need to be fixed quickly. Our support services extend to talking to your guests directly freeing up your valuable time to run your business.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

At Delion, we offer flexible commercial models, providing the most efficient and economical solutions, tailored for your business.