Delion is Unique Because we Guarantee our Solutions Work

Delion is the market leader. Australia wide. Wi-Fi, Internet, CCTV, Casting and Telephony for Business Customers.

Managed Guest Wi-Fi Solutions for every business

Good Wi-Fi takes good design and understanding of your site. Delion is an expert in understanding and building the right design. Selecting the right equipment and installing to minimize any disruption to your business.

Delion provides a guarantee and after installation we continue to maintain the system, update software and provide direct guest / end user support. We will look after the technology and let you look after your business.

Casting Solutions for Every Hotel

Casting is a great development for the Hotel industry. It means you don’t need to provide content anymore. All you need to do is offer your guests the infrastructure so they can watch whatever content they want to.

There are lots of ways to solve Casting a lot depends on what type of Hotel you have and how many TV’s. Residential grade or Hospitality screens. Is it five TV’s or hundreds?

Delion isn’t tied into any one solution. We select the solution that best suits your business.

Telephony has Finally Gotten a Lot Cheaper

Telephony used to be a major expense but has become cheaper and cheaper. Landline calls have been largely replaced with mobile calls and bundles mean unlimited calls and cheap plans.

Delion can probably help you reduce your telephony bill. We are experts at cloud based PABX systems and especially businesses with multiple sites where the telephony for the whole business – regardless of geography and number of remote sites – can be treated as one business.

From Basic Through to Sophisticated Systems

Delion supplies and installs a range of CCTV solutions based on your needs. From number plate recognition solutions integrated with boom gates through to basic setups Delion has the experience and the expertise to deliver the right CCTV solution.

What do you want to achieve with CCTV. Public Liability protections, Petty Crime prevention, Dumping, Entry / Exit control, Internal or external security. Delion will work with you to understand what you want to achieve and then design a system that meets your needs.

Commercial Internet with a Focus on Your Business

Delion is an Internet Service Provider just like the majors but our systems are only designed for our commercial customers and we provide greater service levels and access per customer to the NBN than the majors.

Competitive pricing with support service that leads the market. We believe if your internet is down you need to speak to someone straight away and not wait on hold for an hour.

Many of our clients also choose to use our internet because it means one call if something goes wrong. Your staff often wont know whats broken. Is it a server. A power issue or an internet issue. We give you one number to call regardless of the issue. As soon as you report it, you know Delion is on to it.

Everything Runs Over the Network these Days

From door locks to washing machines, solar solutions, TV, energy solutions, displays, Telephones, CCTV and more now all run over the internet.

Delion is integrating to these systems on nearly a daily basis. This means the core network needs to be well built and the Wi-Fi is able to reach all of these ‘Internet of Things’ devices that are now joining the network.

Delion can help with you your IoT needs and help you ensure that your site is capable of using this technology.

Industries That Use Delion
Are You Looking To Get More Sales?

The Delion Guest Wi-Fi Software is Powerful. You Can Use it to Interact with Your Guests

The Delion Guest Wi-Fi software can ask a guest during their stay to rate how the Hotel is doing. If the guest gives you anything less than a 3 star review, the front desk can be instantly advised.

The software is totally flexible. You can ask anything you like and anytime during the stay. You can set alerts to your front desk based on many guest responses.

Software that makes a difference

One of our Hotels implemented a simple guest review feedback question to be asked mid stay. Front desk staff were well trained to respond to negative issues

Review Score Increase: The Hotel improved its daily review score from an average of 4.1 to 4.4 Stars.

Guests provided a great deal of positive feedback

Guest Response rate to the review question was 62%. An incredible response rate for any digital guest engagement system.

Delion develops proprietary software for Wi-Fi Guest Login. This means we have the capability and flexibility to design a solution that meets your need.