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In most businesses Wi-Fi is the network that brings everything together. It is so much more than just giving your guests and users access to the internet. From Office and Staff networks to TV Networks, Security systems, Point of Sale, Telephones and virtually any device that you use at your business. Everything runs over the internet today and most of these devices need a strong and reliable Wi-Fi system to work. Delion is the expert in commercial Wi-Fi systems.

Prioritising Guest Needs: Delion’s advanced Wi-Fi is tailored to your guests needs. Branded login portals, bandwidth management, Legal compliance, and ongoing direct support for your guests. Delion understands the needs of every market type and can deliver a system tailored to fit your needs.

Flexible Internet Connectivity: Delion is an Internet Service Provider which collaborates with major infrastructure providers offering the optimal internet connection whether it’s the NBN Network, Telstra, Vocus, Swoop, AAPT, Microwave solutions or Satellite Connections. Our wide range of partners means we can find the right solution for you at competitive prices.

State of the Art Design: Good design is so critical in any deployment. Not just to meet your needs of today but to be able to grow with your business. Bad design means a poorly operating system. Whether its location through to selecting the right equipment, Delion understands the success of any system starts with design.

We understand Technology: Delion is an Australian technology and engineering company with its own software that drives most of our systems. Our support centres are located in Australia and are staffed by local engineers that understand your business.

At Delion, we strive for excellence in everything we do. Whether installations or ongoing service. We always want to be better.


The days of hotels subscribing to expensive services like Foxtel and / or offering movies on demand to their guests are largely over because of changes in guest behaviour and technology. Entertainment has changed to a BYO model. Today guests use a variety of services like Netflix, Disney, Paramount and of course international guests have their own foreign streaming services. Instead of providing the content, Hotels just has to provide guests a means of watching their own content while staying at your property.

The casting space is still evolving and Delion understands the different solutions and their strengths and weaknesses.

Residential versus Hospitality screens: Many Hotels are using residential screens. While these screens are cheap there are limitations. Understand the pro’s and con’s of this type of solution.

Cost-Effective Infrastructure: Investing in commercial casting services can be a significant investment. It may mean replacing your current TV’s. We can help you evaluate this decision and potentially devise a strategy to migrate to commercial casting with a cost effective approach.

Diverse Casting Solutions: Delion can help you with a range of casting approaches and solutions depending on your needs and budget. We believe over time all Hotels will provide Casting. A family huddling around a mobile phone watching Netflix will become a thing of the past.

The Wi-Fi Network: Before deciding on a casting solution keep in mind that every casting solution needs a working Wi-Fi service. To cast, the user and the TV need to be using the same Wi-Fi connection. Delion will help you both select the right casting options and also ensure that your other systems have the capability to make sure it works.

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Telephones today are just another device that runs over the Internet. This transformation has also transformed the cost of telephone systems. Gone are the days of expensive calls and maintenance contracts.

Cost-Effective: No more exorbitant fees. Delion has developed its own proprietary cloud based PABX solution. Our services are priced to give you the best value, challenging the high costs associated with big names like NEC, Cisco, or Avaya.

Convenient Cloud-Based: Say goodbye to physical PABX machines. Our cloud technology manages your telephony system seamlessly and allowing for changes as easy as pressing a button.

Affordable Advanced Handsets: Handsets have also dramatically dropped in price. Delion supplies the latest modern in room handsets with a full range of functionalities at prices well below traditional costs.

Simplified Operations for Businesses: Delion’s cloud based PABX solution benefits hotels and business from reduced costs and simplified operations. Full functionalities like voicemail, hunt groups, IVR, music on demand are all readily available.

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Delion specialises in tailored CCTV Solutions, catering to your unique needs. We understand that a CCTV system is often crucial for your business’s security. We can help you understand what a CCTV system is likely to prevent and where CCTV offers great value to protect your business.

Consultation: CCTV solutions are unique to every business. Our service starts with understanding your needs and the goals you have. Delion doesn’t just sell CCTV. We make sure any solution is going to achieve the outcome you want whether it be to minimise petty crime, limit and protect your public liability or to ensure staff compliance.

Customised Solutions: Part of designing your service involves selecting the right equipment for your service. Low light situations, number plate recognition, wide angle lenses, hard drive storage capacities and the right recording device especially if you decide to add some additional cameras moving forward.

Licensed Professionals: Delion not only has experience across a multitude of deployment types but also holds the required Security License certifications to guarantee an implementation that cannot be easily circumvented.

CCTV Support Services: Most companies just install and walk away and we commonly see CCTV services from other companies where cameras are offline. Delion offers an optional remote support service to help you keep your cameras working, to help you download files you might need and to provide quick and capable service when you need it most.

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The only constant thing in this world is change. The internet landscape in Australia has rapidly changed over the past 7 years, from speeds to bandwidth and from limited data to unlimited. At the same time internet connectivity has become cheaper. We wont sell you what’s best for us. We will recommend the best options for your business. For example aim for shorter contracts rather than long lock-ins. If internet prices continue to fall this delivers you commercial advantages.

Delion is a fully licensed Internet Service Provider: Unlike many companies we are not just a reseller of someone elses internet. This means we determine the quality of now network both for local and international connections. This means when something goes wrong we can quickly identify where the problem is

Multiple Infrastructure Partners: All ISP’s need to work with Infrastructure Providers. These are the companies like the NBN that actually run the Fibre and wires in the ground. Most ISP’s just work with one or two infrastructure providers because its easier. At Delion we work with a range of infrastructure providers because this enables us to pick the best commercial deal for you.

Redundant Design and Backup Networks: Losing the internet hurts every business because everything runs over the internet today. For some businesses internet is so critical that we strongly recommend backup systems and connections. Some ISP’s offer things like 4G as a backup. At Delion we understand this is much more a marketing solution than a solution that will properly protect your business. We can explain why.

Unmatched Customer Support: Our biggest difference to other ISP’s is our support. Most large ISP’s like Telstra, Optus, TPG and others typically offshore their Call Centers to places like the Philippines and India. Quite simply they do this because its cheap. At Delion we decided that customers don’t want to be on hold for an hour. Customers want to speak to someone that can actually diagnose the problem and immediately take steps to fix it. Our Call Center is based in Sydney and is staffed by professional engineers. We strive to answer call within 10 minutes. We understand an internet issue impacts your business and needs to be fixed asap.

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IoT stands for ’Internet of Things.’ It means the whole mish mash of devices that can now be connected and managed over the internet. These could be devices like Telephones or CCTV but today more and more devices are becoming ‘smart’ and need to be connected to the internet. Delion provides some of these device types but there are many more that we simply integrate with. Door locks as a good example.

Core Networks: Most IoT devices connect to the internet via the Wi-Fi network. For these ‘smart’ devices to work well it is essential that your underlying core network is resilient and robust and your Wi-Fi network is delivering the signal strength needed to allow for a strong and reliable connection.

Technical Expertise: We are now seeing so many devices needing to connect to the Wi-Fi and your core network: Point of Sale, Door Locks, Solar panels. Even Washing Machines. Amazing solutions however we commonly see companies selling these smart devices that have extremely limited technical expertise. Delion can step in to solve these problems and get these smart devices working.

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